Transformation + Change

We guide you in times of uncertainty and change. Effective communication with internal and external stakeholders is a key ingredient for successful change management - be it transforming business models, closing a plant, downsize or other major changes. We support our clients to promote understanding and generate lasting support, from stakeholders and employees.

Experienced in driving and implementing change, Westermann Advisors pride themselves in crafting messages that inspire commitment to the transformation process.

Positioning Change

We assist you in conveying the purpose of transformation, thereby encouraging employees and stakeholders to view change as an opportunity.

Engaging Stakeholders

We provide a framework for your stakeholders that promotes understanding of the change effort and ultimately generates lasting support.


We assist you in formulating a vision, creating content and educating employees about the purpose of the change effort, to foster a team spirit.

Trainer and Guide

Through trainings, in person and online, we teach two-way communication skills, presentation skills and conversation skills to enable your employees as change agents.

Developing a Communication Plan

Our communication plan is an efficiency tool to make your project more manageable and help you to implement change successfully.

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